You will never get nervous ever again!

What do you feel when you have to stand or sit in front of people who will listen to you while you speak? Let’s say an interview? Thesis defense? Or product launch for your company? I won’t tell you a lot of things, or I’ll just tell you straight up! Check them out below! – […]

Gestures and Body Language

Talking to the other person while looking downwards is a sign of being shy. Looking or staring on different directions is a way of a person to think of the next words to say. This also another way to avoid getting stopped in the middle of a speech or a talk. Another way to show […]

Each country and their language…

If you hear someone describing a place like “it is dodgy in there!” He or she is probably from the UK, coz that’s how they paint a picture of an “unsafe or dangerous” place in the US or Canada. What about if  you hear someone saying “she is fit” or “is she fit?” That’s the […]

Practice, learn and train yourself anytime anywhere

In the past, English learners has tons of books in their bags. They have to carry it with them anywhere.  All sorts of learning materials, manuals, and other guides.  I remember my students before would spend hours practicing English at the language center while checking their  dictionary time after time. These days, things are different.  […]

Fluency for Social English

It’s our job to provide you with lots of opportunity to practice the English language and develop your confidence with speaking in social events or situations. The conversation starters for you to practice are like: small talk starters like Where are you from? How long have you worked as a…? question starters like what, where, […]

Developing students’ confidence with speaking in social situations

I’ve met many students who have said to me: “I don’t need English for my job. I already know how to talk. What I need is making conversation and talking about general English”. So what these students probably want is “social English” or English for a small talk, which is as much a part (if […]