Each country and their language…

If you hear someone describing a place like “it is dodgy in there!” He or she is probably from the UK, coz that’s how they paint a picture of an “unsafe or dangerous” place in the US or Canada.

What about if  you hear someone saying “she is fit” or “is she fit?”

That’s the other way of saying “she is beautiful” or “is she pretty?”.

You know what, I wanna tell you that in places like China where I’ve taught some years ago. English learners depends mostly on books. I’m not saying here that you don’t have to trust or use books to learn because we actually need it, what you need more is to do some research about different expressions in each English speaking country. Don’t worry if you are too lazy to do that, we can send you those topics right to your email. Anyhow, check out more below…

English please! – we use this expression when we cannot understand something we read or hear

Amber fluid – beer in Australia

My mate – my friend or my buddy

might break my piggy bank – too expensive

He/ she is just peanut butter and jelly – jealous