You will never get nervous ever again!

What do you feel when you have to stand or sit in front of people who will listen to you while you speak? Let’s say an interview? Thesis defense? Or product launch for your company?

I won’t tell you a lot of things, or I’ll just tell you straight up! Check them out below!

– imagine your audience as if they are undressed

– go ahead an hour before to the place where you will speak and explore the place and feel it

– don’t memorize your lines, internalize instead!

– talk to yourself on the mirror

– if you feel like there is a lot to lose, well you have nothing to lose

– eat lighter food and breathe, don’t forget to breathe

– get a lot of sleep prior to your presentation or interview

– gestures are very important, don’t put your hands anywhere. You can keep your hands together, do you want to know what I mean here? Try and watch some news reporters or VJs on MTv and you’ll get what I mean